Barre Mommy is a place for moms to find resources about fitness and wellness. It is a place to encourage you to be your best self and to take care of yourself so that you can live your happiest, healthiest life. Being a parent is tough, but our kids benefit most from us when we are our happiest & best selves.


I created Barre Mommy after my first experience with pregnancy and the birth of my son Bastian in January 2016. As someone who specializes in pre & postnatal fitness I trained during and after my pregnancy to remain healthy, fit and to feel good in my body. After my son’s birth I worked hard and got back to my pre-baby body with the barre mommy method. 

I am now over the moon to announce the upcoming arrival of my baby girl this coming november, 2017. Along with the arrival of this new barre babe, comes the barre prenatal method to keep fit during your pregnancy.

Today there is so much pressure as a woman to be EVERYTHING. I am a mom. But I am also a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Kinesiologist, a business owner, a fitness enthusiast. How do we find time in our day to play all the roles and achieve all of our desires? The barre mommy method & barre prenatal method help you achieve your fitness goals during this very important time so that you can feel more like you and be ready for baby’s arrival and for your new role as a mom.


Kara, Barre Mommy

Kara is a Certified Kinesiologist and Exercise,Sport & Health Behaviour Consultant. She specializes in pre&post natal fitness and is the owner of a barre & wellness studio: très studio barre Inc. in Montreal Quebec.  As a Kinesiologist and Lifestyle Coach Kara offers personalized fitness plans and consulting to help women achieve their ideal self.

In Montreal? Come visit us at the studio for a mommy & baby class or book a private session with me.

Not close by to our studio? Email & online coaching is also available!

Online workouts & videos are coming soon! Stay tuned.



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